About Seaport-e

SeaPort-enhanced (SeaPort-e) is a multi-billion dollar, Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle with hundreds of prime contractors used to acquire services, products, and solutions for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Through SeaPort-e, ordering offices can obtain both technical and professional support services in a cost-effective and efficient manner in 22 different functional areas. Offices within the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps can create Task Orders (TOs) for new product areas, programs, or missions within the functional areas. Each SeaPort-e prime contractor maintains a competency in at least one of the functional areas and office space in at least one of six geographical zones. The SeaPort-e contract has a 10-year period of performance that can be extended in accordance with government contracting regulations. For more information about Seaport-e, visit http://www.seaport.navy.mil/default.aspx.

Contract Number: N00178-10-D-6069

In 2009, Six3 was awarded a prime contract through SeaPort-e with core competencies in seven functional areas and the ability to support Task Orders (TOs) in all functional areas through our extensive network of partners. Six3 maintains office space and highly trained employees in over 40 locations across 16 states and the District of Columbia. As a result, Six3 is approved to bid on TOs in four geographic zones: Zone 2 (National Capital), Zone 3 (Mid Atlantic), and Zone 4 (Gulf Coast), andZone 6 (Southwest). Six3 has a proven track record of small business utilization across our contracts and is committed to working with small businesses to complete TOs awarded through SeaPort-e. For more information, email us at: SEAPORTE@six3systems.com.